Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 1-404 
Thermodynamics ofCu2+Adsorption on soilHumin

Pages 43-52

C.L. Li; S. Wang; F. Ji; J.J. Zhang; L.C. Wang

Multi-objectiveWaste LoadAllocation in RiverSystembyMOPSOAlgorithm

Pages 69-76

E. Feizi Ashtiani; M.H. Niksokhan; M. Ardestani

Modeling and Performance Evaluation of a full scale Petrochemical WastewaterTreatment Process

Pages 77-84

M.A. Morales-Mora; J.L. Paredes; J.A. Montes deOca; V.X. Mendoza-Escamilla; S.A. Martínez-Delgadillo

Accumulation ofAluminiumby Plants Exposed toNano- andMicrosized Particles of Al2O3

Pages 109-116

M. Asztemborska; R. Steborowski; J. Kowalska; G. Bystrzejewska-Piotrowska

Climatology ofCyclones and TheirTracking over Southern Coasts ofCaspian Sea

Pages 117-132

M. Molanejad; M. Soltani; A. Ranjbar SaadatAbadi; C.A. Babu; M. Sohrabi; M.V. Martin

Biodegradation of Poly(ester urethane)s by Bacillus subtilis

Pages 157-162

A. Nakkabi; M. Sadiki; M. Fahim; N. Ittobane; S. IbnsoudaKoraichi; H. Barkai; S. El abed

Comparative Baseline Levels of Heavy Metals and Histopathological Notes in Fish Fromtwo Coastal Ecosystems of South-West of Spain

Pages 163-178

M.D. Galindo-Riaño; M. Oliva; J.A. Jurado; D. Sales; M.D. Granado-Castro; F. López-Aguayo

Leaching ofMetals, Organic Carbon and Nutrients fromMunicipalWaste under Semi-Arid Conditions

Pages 187-196

H. Iqbal; M. Anwar Baig; M. Usman Hanif; S. Usman Ali; M. Flury

Characterization andmetals fractionation of street dust samples fromTehran, Iran

Pages 213-224

M. Salmanzadeh; M. Saeedi; L.Y. Li; Gh. Nabi-Bidhendi

Biodegradation ofPolybrominated DiphenylEthers inLiquidMedia and Sewage Sludge by Trametes versicolor

Pages 273-280

M. Vilaplana; C.E. Rodríguez-Rodríguez; E. Barón; M. Gorga; M. Sarrà; G. Caminal; E. Eljarrat; D. Barceló

AgriculturalLand Conversion in Northwest Iran

Pages 281-290

A.A. Barati; A. Asadi; K. Kalantari; H. Azadi; F. Witlox

Application of Modified Clays in Geosynthetic Clay Liners for Containment of Petroleum Contaminated Sites

Pages 317-322

S. Gitipour; M.A. Hosseinpour; N. Heidarzadeh; P. Yousefi; A. Fathollahi

TemporalTrends ofMetal Extractability in Calcareous soilsAffected by Soil Constituents andMetal Contamination Levels

Pages 323-332

A. de Santiago-Martín; J.R. Quintana; I. Valverde-Asenjo; A.L. Lafuente; C. González-Huecas

All Solid State Graphene Based Potentiometric Sensors forMonitoring of Mercury Ions inWasteWater Samples

Pages 333-340

M.R. Ganjali; F. Faridbod; N. Davarkhah; S.J. Shahtaheri; P. Norouzi

Investigating NaturalPhysicalAdsorption ofOilContent byMangroves, A field-scale study

Pages 373-384

S. Partani; R. Ghiassi; A. Khodadadi Darban; M. Saeedi