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International Journal of Environmental Research is a multidisciplinary journal concerned with all aspects of environment. In pursuit of these, environmentalist disciplines are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. International Journal of Environmental Research publishes original research papers, research notes and reviews across the broad field of environment. These include but are not limited to environmental science, environmental engineering, environmental management and planning and environmental design, urban and regional landscape design and natural disaster management. Thus high quality research papers or reviews dealing with any aspect of environment are welcomed. Papers may be theoretical, interpretative or experimental.

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, Autumn 2016, Pages 471-666 

1. Effect of Antibiotics on the Germination and Root Elongation of Argentine Intensive Crops

Pages 471-480

D. Eluk; O. G. Nagel; J. Zimmermann; M. P. Molina; R. L. Althaus

3. Effects of Indigenous Microbial Consortium in Crude Oil Degradation: A Microcosm Experiment

Pages 491-498

M. H. A. Asadirad; M. Mazaheri Assadi; H. Rashedi; T. Nejadsattari

6. Simultaneous Removing SO2 and NO by Ammonia-FeⅡ EDTA Solution Coupled with Iron Regeneration

Pages 519-524

J. Han; X. Yao; L. B. Qin; M. Jiang; F. T. Xing; W. S. Chen

8. Road Traffic Effects in Size-segregated Ambient Particle-bound PAHs

Pages 531-542

W. Rogula-Kozłowska; B. Kozielska; P. Rogula-Kopiec

10. Treatment of Petrochemical Wastewater by the Green Algae Chlorella Vulgaris

Pages 555-560

R. Madadi; A. A. Pourbabaee; M. Tabatabaei; M.A. Zahed; M. R. Naghavi

11. Trace and Rare-earth Elements in Natural Ground Waters: Weathering Effect of Water-Rock Interaction

Pages 561-574

A. Zhuravlev; M. Berto; M. Arabadzhi; J. Gabrieli; C. Turetta; G. Cozzi; C. Barbante

13. The Effect of Nutrients on the Degradation of Hydrocarbons in Mangrove Ecosystems by Microorganisms

Pages 583-592

F. Semboung Lang; C. Tarayre; J. Destain; F. Delvigne; P. Druart; M. Ongena; P. Thonart

14. Flocculation of Microalgae via pH Change in a Turbulent Medium and Subsequent Filtration

Pages 593-600

J. M. Vera Morales; L. A. Ramirez Romero; M. Vanthoor-Koopmans

18. Total Use of Microalgae as Feedstock for Biodiesel and Pellet Production

Pages 637-644

P. Alvarez; J. L. Salgueiro; L. Perez; A. Cancela; A. Sanchez; L. Ortiz

20. Testing the Effectiveness of the European Cross-compliance Standard 3.1 “Ploughing in Good Soil Moisture Conditions”

Pages 655-666

R. Francaviglia; A. M. Carroni; P. Bazzoffi; A. Troccoli; L. Borrelli; R. Napoli; D. Ventrella; F. Montemurro; F. Chiarini

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