Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, July 2015, Pages 777-1116 
Polyethylene Degradation by Fungal Consortium

Pages 823-830

H. V. Sowmya; B. Ramalingappa; G. Nayanashree; B. Thippeswamy; M. Krishnappa

Iranian Energy and Climate Policies Adaptation to the Kyoto Protocol

Pages 853-864

R. Alizadeh; M. Majidpour; R. Maknoon; J. Salimi

Survival of High Latitude Fringing Corals in Extreme Temperatures: Red Sea Meteorology

Pages 1011-1022

M. Z. Moustafa; Z. Q. Moustafa; M. S. Moustafa; S. E. Moustafa; Z. D. Moustafa

Estimating the Self-depuration Capacity of a Reach of the Luján River

Pages 1037-1046

M. Piccinini; A. Sanchez Caro; M. L. Gultemiriam; A. Giorgi

Cadmium Removal from Wastewater using Carbonaceous Adsorbents Prepared from Sunflower Waste

Pages 1079-1088

M. Jain; V. K. Garg; U. K. Garg; K. Kadirvelu; M. Sillanpaa