Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, October 2015, Pages 1117-1378 
Changes in Rainfall Extremes in Ontario

Pages 1117-1126

R. P. Rudra; W. T. Dickinson; S. I. Ahmed; P. Patel; J. Zhou; B. Gharabaghi; A. A. Khan

Removal of Copper Ions from Contaminated Soil by Enhanced Soil Washing

Pages 1141-1146

A. H. Khalil; S. S. Alquzweeni; H. M. Madhloom

Simulation of Water Surface Profile in Vertically Stratified Rockfill Dams

Pages 1193-1200

P. Asiaban; E. Amiri Tokaldany; M. Tahmasebi Nasab

Application of the Monte Carlo Method to prediction of Dispersibility of Graphene in Various Solvents

Pages 1211-1216

A. P Toropova; A. A. Toropov; J. B. Veselinović; A. M. Veselinović; E, Benfenati; D. Leszczynska; J. Leszczynski

Study on Heavy Metal Resistant Fecal Coliforms Isolated From Industrial, Urban Uastewater in Arak, Iran

Pages 1217-1224

A. Akhavan Sepahy; S. Sharifian; M. R. Zolfaghari; M. Khalily Dermany; H. Rashedi

Photodegradation of Herbicide Dicamba with TiO2 Immobilized on HZSM-11 Zeolite

Pages 1237-1244

J. P. Montanez; S. Gomez; L. B. Pierella; A. N. Santiago

Noise Pollution Analysis of Wind Turbines in Rural Areas

Pages 1277-1286

A. Ruggiero; J. Quartieri; C. Guarnaccia; S. Hloch

The Differences in the Level of Selenium in the Organs of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) from Various Regions of Poland

Pages 1287-1292

E. Nowakowska; B. Pilarczyk; R. Pilarczyk; A. Tomza-Marciniak; M. Bąkowska

Mussels as Bioindicators of PAHs Pollution within Argentinean Coastal Environments, South America

Pages 1293-1304

A. L. Oliva; J. Ovaert; A. H. Arias; S. Souissi; J. E. Marcovecchio

Distribution and Diversity of Macrofoulers in the Coastal Areas of Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Pages 1315-1324

S. Deepa; T. Sathish; N. V. Vinithkumar; V. P Limna Mol; R. Kirubagaran

Electrocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange on PbO2-TiO2 Nanocomposite Electrodes

Pages 1357-1364

Y. W. Yao; L. H. Cui; Y. Li; N. C. Yu; H. S. Dong; X. Chen; F. Wei