ThermoeconomicAnalysis andMulti-ObjectiveOptimization of a LiBr-Water Absorption Refrigeration System

Document Type : Original Research Paper


School ofMechanical Engineering, SharifUniversity of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Performance optimization of a single-effect lithium bromide water absorption refrigeration
system is the subject of this paper. First, the thermodynamic model of the system wasderived based on the
first and second law analysis of an absorption refrigeration cycle with LiBr-water as the working fluid pair.
Then, the effects of different design parameters such as the generator inlet hot water temperature, evaporator
inlet chilling water temperature and absorber and condenser inlet cooling water temperatures on the performance
of the systemwere investigated. In order that, by defining the coefficient of performance (COP), exergy
efficiency (Second-law efficiency) and total cost function of the system as the objective functions, the genetic
algorithm optimization technique was implemented to evaluate these performance indexes. Finally, the optimal
values of design parameters and objective functions were found and compared to the initial values. Results
show significant improvement in system COP (about 75 %), exergy efficiency (47 %) and total cost (12 %).