Modeling and Performance Evaluation of a full scale Petrochemical WastewaterTreatment Process

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1 PEMEXPetrochemicals, 96558, Coatzacoalcos,Veracruz,México

2 PEMEXPetrochemicals, PetrochemicalComplexLa Cangrejera. 96400,Coatzacoalcos,Veracruz,México

3 Department of Electronic,MetropolitanAutonomous University,Azcapotzalco. 07740,México

4 Department of Basic Sciences.MetropolitanAutonomous University, Azcapotzalco. 07740,México


Evaluation and modeling of the wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) have to be based on the
fact that the pollutant concentrations and flow rates change constantly. In addition, different approaches must
used due to there are different processes in a WWTP. A Mexican petrochemical complex has a WWTP that
processes wastewaters from several petrochemical plants, where the flow rates and pollutant concentrations
change constantly. The actual WWTP has an equalization pond (EP) followed by an aerated lagoon (AL). The
EP performance was evaluated by CFD tool and it was possible to evaluate the equalization pond performance.
In the biological process, a more realistic dynamical model to evaluate the AL performance was developed and
calibrated. The reactor was modeled as a plug flow reactor with high dispersion, due to there is no biological
sludge recirculation. It was found that with an increase of 12.5% in the wastewater flow rate the Mexican
regulation will not be satisfied The model improves modeling because considers different actual operational
factors as lost of VOC and variations of temperature, influent COD and flow rate, which have tremendous
impact on the petrochemical wastewater treatment plant performance.