Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, October 2016, Pages 471-666 
Effect of Antibiotics on the Germination and Root Elongation of Argentine Intensive Crops

Pages 471-480

D. Eluk; O. G. Nagel; J. Zimmermann; M. P. Molina; R. L. Althaus

Effects of Indigenous Microbial Consortium in Crude Oil Degradation: A Microcosm Experiment

Pages 491-498

M. H. A. Asadirad; M. Mazaheri Assadi; H. Rashedi; T. Nejadsattari

Road Traffic Effects in Size-segregated Ambient Particle-bound PAHs

Pages 531-542

W. Rogula-Kozłowska; B. Kozielska; P. Rogula-Kopiec

Treatment of Petrochemical Wastewater by the Green Algae Chlorella Vulgaris

Pages 555-560

R. Madadi; A. A. Pourbabaee; M. Tabatabaei; M.A. Zahed; M. R. Naghavi

Trace and Rare-earth Elements in Natural Ground Waters: Weathering Effect of Water-Rock Interaction

Pages 561-574

A. Zhuravlev; M. Berto; M. Arabadzhi; J. Gabrieli; C. Turetta; G. Cozzi; C. Barbante

The Effect of Nutrients on the Degradation of Hydrocarbons in Mangrove Ecosystems by Microorganisms

Pages 583-592

F. Semboung Lang; C. Tarayre; J. Destain; F. Delvigne; P. Druart; M. Ongena; P. Thonart

Flocculation of Microalgae via pH Change in a Turbulent Medium and Subsequent Filtration

Pages 593-600

J. M. Vera Morales; L. A. Ramirez Romero; M. Vanthoor-Koopmans

Total Use of Microalgae as Feedstock for Biodiesel and Pellet Production

Pages 637-644

P. Alvarez; J. L. Salgueiro; L. Perez; A. Cancela; A. Sanchez; L. Ortiz

Testing the Effectiveness of the European Cross-compliance Standard 3.1 “Ploughing in Good Soil Moisture Conditions”

Pages 655-666

R. Francaviglia; A. M. Carroni; P. Bazzoffi; A. Troccoli; L. Borrelli; R. Napoli; D. Ventrella; F. Montemurro; F. Chiarini