A Comparative Study on Removal Efficiency of Sulphide and Cod from the Tannery Effluent by Using Oxygen Injection and Aeration

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Lingayas University, India


The effluents that are generated through Tanning process have high load of COD, BOD, Sulphides and Odour. Oxidation through aeration has been used for removing sulphide and COD in the tannery effluent. In the present study a comparison of normal aeration and oxygen injection in the presence and absence of catalyst MnSO4 were carried out. The three test setup were performed side by side and endured for a fixed duration till there was no further reduction observed in COD and Sulphide. Results showed that the maximum COD and Sulphide removal efficiencies in case of oxygen injection @ 0.5 LPM and addition of MnSO4 catalyst (5% of sulphide concentration) at pH 8.5. The removal of sulphide and COD through pure oxygen injection was found to be two times more effective than normal aeration. The removal efficiency of COD and Sulphide after 7 hours of oxygen injection @ 0.5 LPM with addition of catalyst MnSO4 was 82.68% and 76.83% respectively.