LCA Frameworks integration in Carbon Footprint Modeling of Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle Power Plant for Sustainable Planning in Iran

Document Type : Original Research Paper


University of Tehran, Iran


The present research introduces a pseudo comprehensive carbon footprint model for simple cycle and combined cycle power plants based on Life Cycle Assessment frameworks for sustainable planning in Iran. For this purpose, parameters which their effects are considered distinguishable have been investigated. The mentioned parameters include: plant type, fuel type, fuel transmission type, own consumption of the plant, degradation, site ambient condition, transmission and distribution losses. Investigating power plant operational phase and transmission and distribution effect on carbon footprint assessment of power plant is the specific feature of the proposed model. Afterward, a sensitivity analysis is performed under different cases covering all the possible choices for investigated parameters. The results show that carbon footprint of fossil fuel (simple and combined cycle) varies remarkably due to the parameters affecting the carbon footprint. Results of sensitivity analyses show that by controlling the effective parameters carbon footprint of power plants can be reduced by 142%.