Studies on Cell-Phone Radiation Exposure inside a Car and near a Bluetooth Device

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Lovely Professional University, India


Electromagnetic radiation emitted by Cell-phones is a new health hazard, especially when they are used inside closed metal bodies such as cars, elevators etc. The modern wireless devices like Bluetooth further enhance the effect of this radiation. The present studies were taken to get quantitative information about the actual power density levels to which a human brain is exposed inside a vehicle while using a cell-phone and a Bluetooth device, and calculation of its specific absorption rate (SAR). The Cell-phone radiation was measured using a handheld portable power density meter TES 593 and specific absorption rates were estimated for human brain tissue from the measured values. These were compared with the SAR values at which biological system of humans and animals start getting affected. The radiation intensity was observed to have increased by 393% when a cell-phone and Bluetooth are used inside a car as compared to no phone/Bluetooth. The specific absorption rates were calculated to be 514 times higher than the biological limit of 1 mW/Kg at exposure frequency of 1800 MHz. The radiation exposure and absorption values were also compared as a function of distance between phone and Bluetooth. The results indicated total exposure intensity and SAR values considerably higher than a human body can safely absorb.