Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2014, Pages 249-514 
Environmental Studies of Iron in Sediments by Means of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Pages 263-272

A. Banas; K. Banas; P. Yang; H.O. Moser; M.B.H. Breese; B. Kubica; W.M. Kwiatek

Photocatalytic Decomposition of low-concentrated Trichloroethylene and Tetrachloroethylene in Water

Pages 347-352

J. Grzechulska – Damszel; M. Grześkowiak; J. Przepiórski; A.W. Morawski

An Investigation on Heavy Metals Bio-Sorption by Azolla filiculoides in the International Anzali Wetland

Pages 377-386

H. Sereshti; S. Bakhtiari; R. Toghyani; S. Samadi; T. Besharati-Seidani; N.O. Mahmoodi

Precipitation of Carbonates Crystals by Bacteria Isolated from a Submerged fixed-film Bioreactor used for the Treatment of urban Wastewater

Pages 435-446

I. Uad; J. Gonzalez-Lopez; G.A. Silva-Castro; J.I. Vílchez; A. Gonzalez-Martinez; D. Martin-Ramos; A. Rivadeneyra; M.A. Rivadeneyra

Ecological Risk Posed by Heavy Metals Contamination of Ship Breaking Yards in Bangladesh

Pages 469-478

M. Aktaruzzaman; M.A.Z. Chowdhury; Z. Fardous; M.K. Alam; M.S. Hossain; A.N.M. Fakhruddin

Transferring of Hg Concentration from Ambient Air to Rain Water and Surface Soil in an Industrial urban Area

Pages 479-482

M. Ghadaksaz zadeh; M.S. Sekhavatjou; A. Hosseini Alhashemi; A. Taghinia Hejabi

Anaerobic Digestion of Slaughterhouse Solid Waste for the Optimization of Biogas Production

Pages 483-492

M. Medina-Herrera; A. Rodríguez-García; L. Montoya-Herrera; J. Cárdenas-Mijangos; L.A. Godínez-Mora-Tovar; E. Bustos-Bustos; F.J. Rodríguez-Valadez; J. Manríquez-Rocha

The Biodegradation of Crude Oil by Bacillus subtilis Isolated from Contaminated Soil in Hot Weather Areas

Pages 509-514

R. Jalilzadeh Yengejeh; M.S. Sekhavatjou; P. Maktabi; N. Arbab Soleimani; S. Khadivi; V. Pourjafarian