Designing a Traffic Noise Prediction Model for Highways in Iranian Megacities (Case study: Ahvaz City)

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of Professional Health Engineering, Tehran Universuty of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Environmental Science, Khouzestan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran


One of the important factors in urban construction designs is noise prevention. According to
results of this study (2011-2012), a suggested model is presented for traffic noise compatible to conditions in Ahvaz. Data was colleted to design a model from totally 112 measuring stations, 4 weekdays and 2 intervals as rush hours, yielding to a total number of 1344 traffic noise measurements (Leq) and the effective factors from traffic load, speed of vehicles, environmental and dimensional factors of roads. In the next step, based on desired overall structure, using analytical and experimental modeling strategies, several Regression multivariables were tested on data in order to design a model. The model designed for Ahvaz consists of 9 inputs with high clarification coefficient (R2=0.92) and correlation coefficient (R= 0.95). Due to precision and minuteness of designing as well as the number of inputs, the model can be a suitable one to define half – hour equal level for traffic noise and estimation of noise pollution in Ahvaz.