Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages 1-248 
Exergy Analysis of a Flat Plate Solar Collector in Combination with Heat Pipe

Pages 39-48

H. Kargarsharifabad; M. Behshad Shafii; M. Taeibi Rahni; M. Abbaspour

Groundwater Arsenic Contamination and Associated Health Risks in Bihar, India

Pages 49-60

S.K. Singh; A.K. Ghosh; A. Kumar; K. Kislay; C. Kumar; R.R. Tiwari; R. Parwez; N. Kumar; M.D. Imam

Transport of Heavy Metals in Materials With Diameter Analogous to Xylem Vessels

Pages 123-132

N. Oropeza-Garcia; R. Hausler; M. Glaus; R. Vega-Azamar; R. Romero-Lopez

Validation of an Analytical Method Using HPLC for Identification and Quantification of Aliphatic Acids Present in Effluents

Pages 149-156

L.E.M.C. Zaidan; G. Guimarães; L.B. Santos; Y.B. Brandão; C.M.B.M. Barbosa; M. Benachour; V.L. Silva

The Design of an Estimation Model for Environmental Liability Insurance (ELIS)

Pages 193-204

M. MirzaEbrahimTehrani; M. Abbaspour; J. Nouri; N. Mazloomi

Groundwater Valuation and Quality Preservation in Iran: The Case of Yazd

Pages 213-220

Z. Abedi; A. Fattahi Ardakani; A.R. Hanifnejad; N. Dashti Rahmatabadi

Radionuclides Concentration in Water and Mud of Euganean Thermal District

Pages 237-248

C. Cantaluppi; A. Fasson; F. Ceccotto; A. Cianchi; S. Degetto