Effect of Anaerobic Granular Sludge in Degradation of Two Azo dyes

Document Type : Original Research Paper


IndustrialWasteWater Research Laboratory, Division of Applied & Environmental Microbiology Enviro Technology Limited, Gujarat, India


The main theme to conduct present research work was to evaluate the effect of anaerobic granular sludge in degradation of two azo dyes. The study was evaluated in batch experiments where anaerobic and aerobic conditions were integrated by exposing anaerobic granular sludge to oxygen. Under these conditions, the azo dyes were reduced, resulting in a temporal accumulation of aromatic amines. Subsequently, aniline was degraded further in the presence of oxygen by the facultative aerobic bacteria present in the anaerobic granular sludge. Acid Orange and Reactive Black were also degraded, if inoculum from aerobic enrichment cultures were added to the batch experiments. Due to rapid autoxidation of Acid Orange, no enrichment culture could be established for this compound. The results of this study indicate that aerobic enrichment cultures developed on aromatic amines combined with oxygen tolerant anaerobic granular sludge can potentially be used to completely biodegrade azo dyes under integrated anaerobic/aerobic conditions.


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