Effectiveness of Management of Environmental Education on Improving Knowledge for Environmental protection (Case Study: Teachers at Tehran’s Elementary School)

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Graduate Faculty of Environment and Energy, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Tehran, Iran

2 Graduate Faculty of Environment, Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran


Management of environmental education is the most fundamental method of protecting environment which is intended to increase awareness and to make individuals sensitive to the physical, economic, environmental, social and political events and changes. Thus, with powerful tools of identifying and describing environmental issues, the individuals can obtain skills for devising methods and solving environmental subjects. To do so, the most appropriate method and best system is to provide materials and manner of activities and implementing a structure which paves the way for improving environmental knowledge across the society until in such a way an individual considers himself as responsible for protecting the environment. When the attitudes, values, commitments and environmental support begin to form since early ages, they couldn’t be changed and continue to the end of the individual’s life. Therefore, a school’s cultural staff, especially teachers can play effective role in creating new behavioral patterns for their students because a large part of environmental education could be materialized by modeling. The current research aims to evaluate the environmental knowledge of teachers at Tehran’s elementary schools because teachers’ knowledge of environmental issues and teaching them to the students reminds us the fact that environmental education can, in long term and mid-term, from public opinions in such a manner that can play its controlling role within the society in order to protect the environment.


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