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Modeling and Performance Evaluation of a full scale Petrochemical WastewaterTreatment Process

Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 77-84

M.A. Morales-Mora; J.L. Paredes; J.A. Montes deOca; V.X. Mendoza-Escamilla; S.A. Martínez-Delgadillo

The Effect of Toxic Organic Chemicals on Mogan Lake

Volume 7, Issue 3, July 2013, Pages 595-604

Y. Karaaslan; A. Akkoyunlu; F. Erturk; E. Citil

Investigating the Impacts of Retrofitted CNG Vehicles on Air Pollutant Emissions in Tehran

Volume 7, Issue 3, July 2013, Pages 669-678

S.A. Hashemian; N. Mansouri; M.A. Morady

A mathematical Model for Cadmium Removal using A sulfate Reducing Bacterium: Desulfovibrio alaskensis 6SR

Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2013, Pages 501-512

P.A. López-Pérez; M.I. Neria-González; L.B. Flores-Cotera; R. Aguilar-López

Kinetic Modeling of Heavy Metals Adsorption on fixed bed Column

Volume 6, Issue 4, October 2012, Pages 945-952

J.T. Nwabanne; P.K. Igbokwe