Keywords = Wastewater
Bioremediation of Wastewater using Chlorella Vulgaris Microalgae: Phosphorus and Organic Matter

Volume 10, Issue 3, July 2016, Pages 465-470

J. L. Salgueiro; L. Perez; R. Maceiras; A. Sanchez; A. Cancela

Modeling and Performance Evaluation of a full scale Petrochemical WastewaterTreatment Process

Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 77-84

M.A. Morales-Mora; J.L. Paredes; J.A. Montes deOca; V.X. Mendoza-Escamilla; S.A. Martínez-Delgadillo

Evaluation of Effectiveness of Domestic Wastewater Treatment by Infiltration Through Sand and Pozzolana in PVC Columns

Volume 8, Issue 3, July 2014, Pages 515-522

A. Bori Akadar; M. Bourioug; N. Mohamed; B. Alaoui-Sossé; E. Cavalli

Brevundimonas vesicularis:A Novel Bio-sorbent for Removal of Lead from Wastewater

Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2010, Pages 281-288

G. Resmi; S.G. Thampi; S. Chandrakaran