Brevundimonas vesicularis:A Novel Bio-sorbent for Removal of Lead from Wastewater


Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Calicut, Kerala, 673 601, India


In this study, a bacterial species which could remove lead from wastewater was isolated from lead contaminated soil prepared in the laboratory. Based on the biochemical and morphological characterization the bacteria were identified as Brevundimonas vesicularis. The biosorption potentiel of powdered dry biomass of B. Vesicularis was investigated by batch adsorption experiments. It was found that, the bio-sorption capacities were significantly affected by the pH and initial concentration of the solution, bio-sorbent dosage and contact time. Batch and isothermal studies were carried out at optimum pH of 4. The rate of bio-sorption was found to be fast during the initial 10min and it reached equilibrium by 60min. Langmuir isotherm model was suitable for describing the bio-sorption of lead by B. Vesicularis. The results indicated that, the dry biomass of B. Vesicularis is suitable as an efficient bio-sorbent for the removal of lead from wastewater.