Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 4, October 2013, Pages 823-1046 
Soil Properties Affecting metal Extractability Patterns in Periurban Calcareous Agricultural Soils in the Mediterranean Area

Pages 831-840

A. de Santiago-Martín; I. Valverde-Asenjo; J.R. Quintana; C. González-Huecas; A.L. Lafuente

Optimization of Surfactin Production by Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 in a Miniaturized Bioreactor

Pages 851-858

S. Jokari; H. Rashedi; Gh. Amoabediny; S. Naghizadeh Dilmaghani; M. Mazaheri Assadi

Sewage Sludge Application in Mediterranean Agricultural soils: Effects of Dose on the Soil Carbon Cycle

Pages 945-956

S. González-Ubierna; I. Jorge-Mardomingo; M.T. Cruz; I. Valverde; M.A. Casermeiro

Performance and Microbial Community Analysis of a full-scale Hybrid Anaerobic–Aerobic Membrane System for Treating Molasses-Based Bioethanol Wastewater

Pages 979-988

N. Pattananuwat; M. Aoki; M. Hatamoto; A. Nakamura; S. Yamazaki; K. Syutsubo; N. Araki; M. Takahashi; H. Harada; T. Yamaguchi

Crude Oil-induced Morphological and Physiological Responses in Cyanobacterium Microchaete tenera ISC13

Pages 1007-1014

F. Amirlatifi; N. Soltani; S. Saadatmand; Sh. Shokravi; M. Dezfulian

Sediment Quality Assessment of two Industrialized Areas of Spain

Pages 1039-1046

O. Veses; R. Mosteo; M.P. Ormad; J.L. Ovelleiro