Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages 1-264 
210Po and 210Pb Concentration in Environmental Samples of the Adriatic Sea

Pages 51-60

M.A. Meli; D. Desideri; A. Penna; F. Ricci; N. Penna; C. Roselli

Regulation of an Activate Sludge Wastwater Plant VIA Robust Active Control Design

Pages 61-68

R. Aguilar-López; P.A. López-Pérez; V. Peña-Caballero; R. Maya-Yescas

Gasification Kinetics of Date palm seed using Carbon Dioxide

Pages 97-104

K. Suresh Kumar Reddy; A.S. Ahmed; C. Srinivasakannan

Investigation of Solid Waste Disposal Alternatives in Lavan Island Using Life Cycle Assessment Approach

Pages 155-164

F. Shams Fallah; H. Vahidi; M. Pazoki; F. Akhavan-Limudehi; A.R. Aslemand; R. Samiee Zafarghandi

Volta metric Behavior of Mesotrione using Silver/Amalgam Electrode

Pages 165-172

M.S. Jovic; D. Manojlovic; D. Stanković; A. Milić; M. Sentić; G. Roglić

Feasibility Study on EO/EG Wastewater Treatment Using Pilot Scale SBR

Pages 195-204

M. Shakerkhatibi; P. Monajemi; M.T. Jafarzadeh; S.A. Mokhtari; M.R. Farshchian

Role of Chemical Components of cork on Sorption of Aqueous Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Pages 225-234

M.A. Olivella; I. Fernández; L. Cano; P. Jové; A. Oliveras

OWA Analysis for Ecological Capability Assessment in Watersheds

Pages 241-254

M.J. Amiri; A.S. Mahiny; S.M. Hosseini; S.Gh. Jalali; Z. Ezadkhasty; Sh. Karami