Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, June 2012, Pages 577-824 
Rubber and Methane Recovery from Deproteinized Natural Rubber Wastewater by Coagulation Pre-treatment and Anaerobic Treatment

Pages 577-584

M. Hatamoto; H. Nagai; S. Sato; M. Takahashi; S. Kawakami; P.K. Choeisai; S. Syutsubo; A. Ohashi; T. Yamaguchi

Contribution of Soil, Sulfate, and Biomass Burning Sources to the Elemental Composition of PM10 from Mexico City

Pages 597-612

V.A. Barrera; J. Miranda; A.A. Espinosa; J. Meinguer; J.N. Martínez; E. Cerón; J.R. Morales; P.A. Miranda; J.F. Dias

Effect of Aeration Rate on Biosurfactin Production in a Miniaturized Bioreactor

Pages 627-634

S. Jokari; H. Rashedi; G.H. Amoabediny; F. Yazdian; M. Rezvani; A.S. Hatamian Zarmi

Effect of European Black Alder Monocultures on The Characteristics of Reclaimed Mine Soil

Pages 703-710

Z. Miletić; M. Knežević; S. Stajić; O. Košanin; I. Đorđević