Mild Temperature Oxidation of Phenol over Rare Earth Exchanged Aluminum Pillared Montmorillonites

Document Type : Original Research Paper


M.G. University Regional Research Centre in Chemistry, Mar Athanasius College, Kothamangalam, India


Wastewater treatment and re-use of industrial process water are critical issues for the development
of human activities and environment conservation. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the degradation
of organic pollutants taking phenol as the model compound over aluminium pillared montmorillonite and the
rare earth exchanged analogues, underlining the use of environ friendly clay catalysts for the effective removal
of water pollutants. From the study it was noted that for reaction variables like temperature, peroxide load,
catalyst load, phenol concentration etc, optimal values exist that must be taken into account for obtaining best
results. The catalysts used were aluminium pillared montmorillonite prepared by partial hydrolysis method
exchanged with La, Ce and Th metal salts at room temperature. Characterisation of the prepared systems were
done using X-ray diffraction and surface area and pore volume measurements.The pillared montmorillonite
showed considerable increase in basal spacing and BET surface area compared to parent montmorillonite.