Government Facilitator Roles and Ecopreneurship in Environmental NGOs

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Management Faculty, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, College of Agricultural Economics and Development, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


This article outlines the Government Facilitator Roles in Ecopreneurship functions in
Environmental NGOs. Target Group was environmental NGOs in Iran (Key actors, committed to preserving
ecological and environmental integrity). Accelerating innovation way for improving the environmental
conservation by Environmental NGOs is the conceptual mean of Ecopreneurship in this research. Questionnaire
as a research instrument was to measure the constructs. Content validity by panel study confirmed. To
determine reliability alpha coefficient was calculated. Value ranged from 0.74 to .96 showed that research
instrument has acceptable capability to collect data and satisfy accepted condition. Dominant statistical
method was SEM and for data analysis PLS-Graph was employed. According to path analysis results, four
dimensions of Government facilitator have a significant role in Ecopreneurship in Iranian environmental
NGOs. End of article some of implications were illustrated for improving Ecopreneurship functions by
Government facilitator roles.