Keywords = Adsorption Isotherm
Thermodynamics ofCu2+Adsorption on soilHumin

Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 43-52

C.L. Li; S. Wang; F. Ji; J.J. Zhang; L.C. Wang

Removal of Hexavalent Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solutions using Surface Modified Nanozeolite A

Volume 4, Issue 3, July 2010, Pages 491-500

H.R. Tashauoei; H. Movahedian Attar; M. Kamali; M.M. Amin; M. Nikaeen

Adsorption of Phenol on Granular Activated Carbon from Nutrient Medium:Equilibrium and kinetic Study

Volume 3, Issue 4, October 2009, Pages 557-568

M. A. Dabhade; M.B. Saidutta; D.V.R. Murthy