Promotion and Support of theNaturalCapital: Research on Ensuring the Financial Resources for the Conservation of Biodiversity (CBD) in theRomanian Space

Document Type : Original Research Paper



Our research is directed at revealing the way CBD is approached in terms of the decision to
finance the actions it entails, with specific reference to the case of Romania, in the context of the international/
European and national regulations. After referring to the foreign and Romanian professional literature, we shall
proceed with a synthetic approach of the objectives related to CBD and the sustainable use of its components in
Romania, with specific focus on the aspects related to solving the critical issues encountered in the field. An
important part of the present research is dedicated to the problems related to the financing of CBD in Romania,
both for the period between 2007 and 2013, as well as for the foreseeable future, up to 2020. We will also try to
identify the difficulties that may arise and, to a certain extent, provide solutions to these issues.