IntegratedAnalysis ofUrban Landscape Fragmentation (Case Study: Historical-ReligiousCity of Ray)

Document Type : Original Research Paper



Landscape fragmentation has threatened the landscape continuity of Ray which was maintained
from prehistoric times until recent decades. From 19th century that Tehran sprawl growth affected Ray’s
landscape as a satellite city of Tehran, Ray experienced rapid landscape fragmentation and underwent many
changes. In order to cope with the threat, the process of changes from landscape fragmentation should be
studied. For this purpose, integrated approach was applied to assess landscape fragmentation. Landscape
fragmentation is analyzed based on physical and quantitative evaluation using landscape metrics and perceptual
and quantitative evaluation through an in-depth interview with natives. The results have cleared an image of
the structural changes and also great change of people’s perception during the time. Based on the results, Ray’s
landscape is structurally fragmented, but native do not perceive it. This is while people perceive landscape
functional fragmentation. This inconsistent perception of landscape has caused the native’s dissatisfaction
about their living place. With the prepared image of landscape fragmentation in the City of Ray, city managers,
designers, and planners will be able to deal with rapid changes and preserve landscape continuity of Ray.