Content of Heavy Metals in Lumbricus Terrestris and Associated Soils in Dump Sites



Metals concentrations in Lumbricus Terrestris and soil samples from the dumpsites located in Zaria metropolis, Nigeria were measured spectrophotometrically. Mean metal content in dumpsite soils were: 25.95 - 75.17, 8.33 - 382.94, 124.84 - 206.96, 34.24 - 666.67 and 111.11 - 488.10mg/kg for Cd, Cu, Mn, Pb and Zn respectively. While the concentration ranges recorded in L. Terrestris samples were; Cd, 0.55 - 8.13mg/kg; Zn, 105.82 - 380.95mg/kg; Cu, 0.66 to 10.25mg/kg; Pb, 5.01 to 265.40mg/kg and Mn, 1.26 to 10.23mg/kg respectively. The ratios of these metals accumulation in L. Terrestris were less than unity for all metals except for Zn. The order of bioaccumulation of the metals followed the trend; Zn>Pb>Cu>Cd = Mn. Since birds and domestic fowls fed on insects and L. Terrestris, transfer of these metals across the food chain are most probable with resultant health problems.