Calibration of Hydrodynamic Modeling in Western Part of Johor Strait, Malaysia

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Universiti Technologi Malaysia, Skudai, 81310, Malaysia

2 Environmental Scientist Dynamic Solutions, LLC 6421 Deane Hill Drive Knoxville, TN 37919 United States

3 Dynamic Solutions International, LLC, Hanoi, Vietnam


The Johor Strait is an estuarine system located on the coast of the state of Johor in Malaysia.
The Western Part of Johor Strait is a shallow estuarine located between Causeway and Pulai River. A
hydrodynamic model was calibrated based on the Environmental Fluid Dynamic Code (EFDC) from 4th to 17th of October, 2009. In this calibration, the EFDC hydrodynamic model was configured to simulate time series surface water elevation, velocity, and salinity. The model grid consisted of 2310 grid cells in the horizontal direction and four vertical layers. The model reasonably simulated the tidal range. The simulated velocity showed good agreement with observations data. The predicted salinity model Salinity compared the surface layer with observed data. Results of model showed that changes of salinity from surface to depth were uniform and this condition implied rapid vertical mixing of the water in the system. The calibration model can be used for water quality and sediment modeling and for studying water age modeling.