Environmentally Sound Water Resources Management in Catchment Level using DPSIR Model and Scenario Analysis

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Graduate Faculty of Environment, Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Tehran, P.O.Box: 14155-6135, Tehran, Iran

2 Faculty of Water and Environmental Engineering, Power and Water University of Technology (PWUT), East Vafadar Blvd., Tehranpars, P.O.Box: 16765-1719, Tehran, Iran


Maharlou-Bakhtegan Catchment in the southern part of Iran is faced with water scarcity.
This problem is exacerbated by environmental degradation, climate change effects, mismanagement
of water resources, along with a major dependence of water demand supplies on the limited
groundwater resources. In this study, a combined approach of DPSIR model along with the scenario
analysis was employed to derive the optimal management strategies for the environmentally sound
water resources management of Maharlou-Bakhtegan Catchment considering the conjunctive use
of surface and groundwater resources. Cause-effect relationships were identified by DPSIR framework
and 15 scenarios were developed based on them. For evaluating each scenario, 9 integrated water
resources management indicators were introduced and evaluated by MODSIM.The results
demonstrated that in scenario Scen-14, restriction for the irrigation area development, as well as
other management solutions, which led to 100% supply of domestic and industrial water demands
and 91% supply of agricultural water demands. Also in the last scenario the value 1.79 kg/ m3 was
received by the Agricultural water productivity indicators. Moreover, by satisfying all IWRM
indicators as well as enhancing zero for negative water balance of the aquifers in Scen-14, it is clearly
indicated that this scenario revealed more efficient management solutions for the environmentally
sound water resources management of the catchment.