Environmental Security and Global Violence

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Faculty of law and political sciences, University of Tehran, Tehran,Iran


For many years, the prevailing notion of security has been associated with the ‘realist’ military
side of conflict management, understood as ‘national security’. For us the term does not just mean the
interplay of deterring, compelling, defensive and offensive force in the pursuit of a self-defined national
interest. Above all, and at a fundamental level it includes the safety and quality of life of all human beings and their ecosystems. Conceptually, we could define such security as the reciprocal value of insecurity. It refers to all those trends and factors - environmental, economic, social, political and cultural - that increase the risk, exposure and vulnerability for a given population. In earlier works it is contended that within highly complex and interconnected systems, the security of the whole, including that of its seemingly most protected components, paradoxically depends upon the system’s weakest links. There is the urgency for exploring broader and longer-term mechanisms to devise and strengthen global governance so that world stability, security, social justice, sustainability and well-being for all are guaranteed.