GIS Based Multicrteria Analysis in Integration of SEA Process Into Planning, Case Study: South West Region, Republic of Ireland

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Planning and GIS Consultant, Republic of Ireland

2 Chair of Spatial Planning and GIS, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland


Strategic Environmental Assessment can be viewed as a process to integrate the concept of
sustainable development into planning. In this context, SEA can be regarded as a method that regulates the
planning process to a state of sustainable development. However, to reach that goal it is necessary to achieve full integration of planning and the SEA process.Therefore this paper considers the integration of SEA into the planning process based on GIS multicriteria analysis. The paper is an attempt to introduce the concept of environmental protection in the planning process on the principle of dynamic modelling with the aim of identifying potential impacts of planned activities on the environment and determining the optimal alternative development. Moreover, the paper will introduce the model of integration of SEA process into planning as one approach to reach the goal of full integration of the two processes and therefore will assist the planner and decision maker to achieve a more sustainable decision.