The Analysis of Biotechnology Foresight Application in Iranian Organizations

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), Scientific staff of Institution of Research & Technology Study, P.O. BOX 14155-6135Tehran, Iran


Technology Foresight is a methodology for making the complexity and advanced nature of new
technologies of future more comprehensible and transparent. The objective of this survey is to analyze and interpret weakness and strength of the current situation of Iran organizations regarding utilization of foresight activities of developing new technologies and its influence over the country by using qualitative Likert-scale questionnaire. The participants who took part in this survey were from different organizations in Iran, and they also participated in a workshop for practicing the related methods of Technology Foresight (TF). Statistical methods implemented for analyzing the results of the questionnaires are histogram chart, Kruskal- Wallis test and Mann-Whitney test for multi-comparison between organizations. The highlighted points of
the analysis are lack of specialist, moderate attention on TF programmes and inconsistency between organization goals and government perspective. However, they have prepared plans and policies regarding foresight activities for shaping their organizations to meet future needs of technology competitiveness and development. Extensive explanations of responses are prepared in the statistical analysis of the paper.