A New Approach Towards Environmental Monitoring Plan in Steam Power Plants


1 Faculty of Environment & Energy, Science & Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Iran’s Energy Conservation Organization, Ministry of Energy, Tehran, Iran


Production of electricity for promotion of people’s welfares is inevitable.There are about 54000 MW of various power plants in Iran. The type of power plants includes gas, steam, combined, hydro and a very minute amount of wind mills. The per capita electricity production is about 2200 Kwh. Power plants can impose adverse environmental impacts during construction and utilization phases. Environmental monitoring plan (EMP) can continuously examine the effects of power plants on the surrounding environment. In the present investigation, we have carefully examined the steam power plants of the country to develop appropriate EMP for the utilization phase. Results of study show that while emissions from stack need continuous monitoring, the other part of power plants can be monitored on monthly, seasonally or even yearly basis. Further, preparation of appropriate log sheets to record the results of EMP for the necessary action plans by authorities can lead to environmental monitoring program.The comparison amongst log sheets of various years may eventually provide environmental monitoring performance.