Growth Performance of Cyprinus carpio L. in Intensively Different Organic Manures



Qualitative and quantitative analyses of phyto- and zooplankton, and growth performance of Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus were done in earthen vats receiving compost, Diammonium Phosphate and vermicompost as direct application fertilizer were conducted. Significant differences were observed in the diversity and abundance of plankton in response to fertilization. The highest production of fish was obtained in the vats treated with vermicompost (3,970.56 kg/ha/90 days), followed by Diammonium Phosphate (3080.45 kg/ha/90 days), compost (1,952.64 kg/ha/ 90 days) and the lowest in the control (385.92 kg/ha/90 days). Vermicompost might be a cost-effective fertilizer in carp culture, replacing the expensive chemical fertilizer Diammonium Phosphate.