Impact of Automobile Emissions on the Productivity of Crocus sativus L.



Effect of automobile pollution on the productivity of Crocus sativus was studied for one year time period (October 2005-April 2006). The parameters which were analyzed viz total chlorophyll, carotenoids, leaf area, plant height, corm size, corm weight, corm yield, biomass, flower production, and length of stigma and style, showed a remarkable decrease as compared to control. Total chlorophyll ,carotenoids and leaf area decreased by approximately 40%, plant height by 36%, fresh biomass by 33%, dried biomass by 25%, corm yield by 29%,corm number by 32%, corm size by 33%,flower production by 33%,length of stigma+style by 23%,fresh weight of flower by 15% and dried weight of flower by 14% respectively.