Determination of Air Pollution Monitoring Stations



Swelling urban populations and increasing number of industry and especially automobiles in and around cities have resulted in adverse effect on human health. One of the most important things regarding air pollution in these days is that the number of motor vehicles has increased, and the resulting problems of new types of air pollution on large scale need to be emphasized in large cities.The groundwork for this study is based on collecte d data, specific studies regarding to use passive tube sampling techniques and geo-statistic mapping tools. The low cost and easy operation of the diffusive sampling technique makes it an ideal tool for large scale air pollution surveys with a high spatial resolution. Finally, we used Kriging method to draw air pollutions maps related to NO2 and SO2 measurements in Shiraz city. These maps conducted us to find number of air pollution monitoring stations. Results show that we need 2 traffic, 3 urban, 1 suburban and 1 industrial station in Shiraz area.In fact, the proposed method in this study provides a useful tool that can be easily applied to other polluted cities. Meanwhile, it would become effective as well as the actual time required to implement them.