Fish Diversity in Freshwater Perennial Water Bodies in East Midnapore District of West Bengal, India



Present survey synthesized information on fish biodiversity in the perennial freshwater body of Ramnagar, East Midnapore district of West Bengal, India. We documented 45 fish species under 29 genera, 18 families and 8 orders during the periods from1990 to 1995, whereas, 34 species from 21 genera and 12 families under 7 orders were recorded presently from freshwater body of different perennial pond. This present database of ichthyofauna clearly indicated that 11 fish species, 8 genera, 6 families and 1 order have lost from this investigated area. Basically, this agricultural based area associated with profuse application of various chemicals, poisons and drugs in agricultural field that largely pollute perennial water body and ultimately exerting growing pressure on living aquatic resources and driven significant fish biodiversity decline. However, over fishing, chemicals, agricultural runoff and other forms of pollution are most important factors which should be restricted for the conservation of freshwater fish biodiversity. Therefore, it may be concluded that preparation of zone wise database of these information and their implementation through Government and various Non-Government Organizations would be the key tools for conservation of freshwater fish biodiversity.