Energy Saving in Tehran International Flower Exhibition’s Building



The municipality of Tehran is intending to construct a permanent international flower exhibition. The activities for construction began in the year 2006. The exhibition has three distinct areas namely “northern area”,”southern area” and “central area”. In northern and southern area the flowers are supposed to be preserved and in central area, they will be sold out. In the present study, energy consumption in the exhibition building is analyzed. To calculate cooling and heating load TABESH software was used. The heat loss from the building envelope is more than twice as much the standard in Iran. Insulation of walls with 5 cm wool stone and first floor with 3 cm polystyrene can reduce heating and cooling energy consumption by 18% with payback period of two and four years respectively ,according to international energy prices. Other energy saving measures such as double glazing windows are not economical both at national & international energy prices. To achieve national and international building energy standards, more energy subsidies must be provided on costly energy efficiency.