Dissipation Kinetics of Benthiocarb in Water at Different pHlevels under Laboratory Condition



Laboratory degradation studies were performed in water at pH 4.0, 7.0 and 9.2 using Benthiocarb (Saturn 50 EC) formulation at the rates of 1.0 (T1) and 2.0 (T2) μg/mL. Water samples collected on 0 (2h),3,7,15,30,45,60 and 90 days after treatments were processed for residue analysis of benthiocarb by GC-NPD capillary system. In 60 days, dissipation was 92.82-93.81 % at pH 4.0, 89.12-90.63 % at pH 7.0, and 92.67-93.88 % at pH 9.2 in both treatments showing very little effect of pH on dissipation. The half-life periods observed were 15.13 and 16.01 days at pH 4.0, 17.92 and 18.81 days at pH 7.0 and 11.32 and 12.54 days at pH 9.2 at T1 and T2 doses respectively. Dissipation followed a triphasic first order kinetics in water at all the three pH levels.