Recycling and Reuse of Household Plastics



The study was undertaken with the objectives to: (1) Study the present status of plastic waste management and the existing Phnom Penh household willingness and their influence factors to segregate plastics for recycling and reuse (plastics & non plastics); (2) Study how other cities encouraged and obtained the participation of their population in plastics recycling and reuse and (3) recommend which policy the government should implement plastic waste recycling in Phnom Penh. The study was conducted in two phases. Phase one involved secondary research such as reviewing of relevant literatures, journals, publications, books, and reports. The second phase involved collection of primary data via structured questionnaires. The study is analyzed based on 429 qualified questionnaires that were collected from households in Phnom Penh by using: percentage, mean and standard deviation. It investigated household’s behavior toward their waste and their willingness to separate plastics and non-plastics wastes. The researcher considers the question of waste from households as it is most likely the root of waste behaviors. By looking at the current state of process and recycling plastics waste–an important element of waste equation, the researcher hopes to shed the lights on plastic waste issues.