Metropolitan and rural areas: Interscapes as Interfaces?



The fringes areas interposed between metropolis and territorial ecosystems constitute a new sort of geography of urban sprawl. The difference between urban areas and their surroundings is at present unrecognisable.From this new context, that represent a new life environment for a large part of human population, new perceptive dynamics and new relationships emerge. Various social manifestations reveal unexpected potentialities, ideas, hopes and desires, ignored by traditional political or planning approaches. New interpretations and more profound approaches are necessary to understand such a contemporary condition, where new Interfaces appear and new unexpected landscapes originate. From Interface and Landscape, originate a new Interscape where unexpected relationships and a new aesthetic arouse. Experimental appropriate approaches are essential to turn this condition: sympathetic approaches, social perception, friendly reciprocal learning and actionresearch.

These experiential activities involve experts, people, scientific and politicians leading each other towards new dynamical interscape relationships, as our experiential researches demonstrate.