Strategic Management in Decision Support System for Coastal Flood Management



The management and analysis of flood hazards is of great socio- economic and ecological importance as it was estimated that 50 percent of word’s population resides and works within the costal zone till 2030. The management of coastal flood hazard reflects the cumulative effects and criteria more than the human mind can handle effectively. The flood management requires decision making for relatively far and largely unknown parameters and face to the largest uncertainties.This paper aims to provide a quantified method for developed decision making in coastal flood management. It discusses the applying of strategic management in a spatial decision support system (DSS) for analysis and modeling of flood management as important part of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM). This study focuses on flood management in South- west of Iran as case study and use SWOT analysis for gaining to the best result. The main finding of paper is provision of systematic method to choose best strategic alternative in flood management. To reach this target numerical model in multi criteria decision making are developed. The new methodology in this study shows that applying quantitative methods with a combination of DSS and SWOT analysis in flood management can be adopted carefully and helps coastal managers to decrease uncertainties and human errors.