Technical and Economical Selection of Optimum Transfer-Transport Method in Solid Waste Management in Metropolitan Cities



Transfer-transport of the waste is one of key functional elements in solid waste management from technical and financial viewpoint. Unfortunately very few reach activities has been conducted in this field regarding local characteristic of phenomenon which urges undertaking local surveys and research projects. Tehran Organization of Waste Recycling and Composting has decided to investigate different transfer-transport options for new Tehran landfill in Houshang Site which is located in far distance from Current landfill in Kahrizak. The study surveyed 3 main options comprising of 8 alternatives. This alternatives covered so many aspects of transfer-transport like road or rail transport, compaction of waste, size of containers and system of loading/unloading, The surveyed showed that the two alternative of heavy compaction in 65m3 semi-trailers will be the most economical system that enjoys so many environmental-ecological advantages over current practice.